On March 8, 2018, the non-profit association Women Social Inclusion, a non-religious and non-confessional organization whose founding values ​​strictly refer to the promotion of the human rights of all, was officially born.


In particular, Women Social Inclusion focuses its resources on the promotion of women's rights, especially in the educational, labour and reproductive fields, taking action in 3 main areas which play a strategic role for social change:


1) education and training

2) study and research

3) awareness

The final purpose of these activities is to promote social inclusion of all the women and girls.



-social inclusion-

Our activities are based on the value of social inclusion of everyone.


Educated in Sociology and an observer by nature, Sabrina is currently living and working in Italy, in the city of Turin.

Sabrina's work concerns issues such as: domestic violence, female genital mutilation, child-marriage, gender equality and LGBTTIQ rights both at national and global level.

Sabrina also advocates for European Roma communities rights, with special attention in Roma women and girls social inclusion within the dominant societies.

Stefano Di Marco is a photographer specialized in reportage.

Born and raised in Turin, Stefano began photographing in the most popular areas of his city. Attracted by multicultural contexts, through photography, he seeks to represent and investigate the various aspects of diversity, the only real human richness.

For Stefano cultural contamination is the only possibility of growth and at the same time one of the greatest fear of modern man. Stefano’s shots attempt to overcome this fear approaching the viewer to “other" realities.

Francesca Varano is a sociologist who deals with communication, in particular regarding the press office and the event planning.

She loves reading, ranging from historical novels, to the reading of the classics, from fairy tales for children to the study of statistical data and the regulatory update about one of the issue she cares the most: the taking care of chronically ill.

She writes articles for medical journals on social and health issues, such as treatment, adherence to therapy, health poverty and chronicity, with particular attention to the gender perspective.

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