Empowering Women through their Job and Passion is the long-term project Sabrina is now working on with the photographer Stefano Di Marco. It documents and tells about successful women stories who lead their own professional activity in different fields, such as the textile and ceramic handcraft, the graphic, the photography, the coaching, etc.

The research involves women of any age, geographical origin, socio-cultural background .


  • First phase of the data collection (ended): 6 professionals of Italian nationality;

  • Second phase (processing): 5 professionals of Polish, Ucranian and Croatian nationalities.


The working methodology Sabrina prefers is the observation and the direct contact with the object of study. Her projects are shaped half way on the basis of the ethnography and the concept of reportage, where the visual perspective is emphasized by the mean of the photography thanks to the partnership with the Photographer Stefano Di Marco with whom shares not only her passion for discovering and travelling but also her life.

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